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I Heart Faces – Summer Theme

MSIP - Summer Better late than never, right?


I thought for this theme, I’d do a “quick” recap of this summer.


The first day of summer started with Ben getting a procedure done on his ear (to remove an ear tag).6-5 ben's ear



Right after the procedure, we headed to Nathan’s graduation from preschool. 6-5b IMG_2573




We’re finally on an actual vacation.  But until then, the kids….


Played on the slip-n-slide, 6-6


Rode the 4-wheelers, 6-8 jordyn 4 wheeler


Built train tracks, 6-11 IMG_3086



Pounded on the piano,6-13 slip slide piano 028



Played at the playground, 6-14 (2) 

Avoided looking at mom’s camera as much as possible,

6-14 (4) copy




Swung on the tire swing,


swing and videos 014 



Enjoyed the backyard sandbox…(and bringing all that sand into the house!)7-23today nathan



…dirt was a favorite too… JORDYN NATHAN



They also fed ducks,july 3 - 2



Caught frogs,july 4 - 16   


Played at the lake,6-15 (2)



Looked darn cute 24/7, 6-15 (3)



Hung out with cousins,6-17 (3)



Spent lots of time with grandparents, 6-28 (2)


jordyn grandpa  



Finally gave up a tooth to the Tooth Fairy,





Picked and ate black raspberries,

7-7 (2)

7-7 (3)

7-7 (5)

7-7 (4)



Swam in our itty, bitty backyard pool…







Spent time with friends,

7-8 (2) 

Took pictures at VBS,

7-167-16 (2) 


And shot a wedding as Angie’s “back-up”,7-15 (3)


We all got to….


Hang out with family friends, 7-15 (4) 7-15 (5)



Have a splashin’ good time at Kalahari…

7-19 (5) 7-19 (2) 7-19 (4)



And spend time with family near and far…

 july3 - 4  july 3 - 5 july 3 - 6 july 3 - 7

 july 4 - 22


Mark and I celebrated 10 years of wedded bliss…6-19 (2)

…and he got me this sweet little video camera.  6-19


Speaking of fun stuff, I also won a free bracelet from Agape Gems through Melinda’s website… (color version will be shown later)


…didn’t win this, but it’s another fun techie toy I picked up.  My underwater camera… canon_D10







Ben learned how to go on the potty!!!




So, there you have it.  A little glimpse into our summer…all in black and white because that makes for a quick edit.  :)   (I am on vacation, after all!)




The End (for now)!

july 4 - 15

  • jen@odbt - Awesome recap! Lots of big happenings – we're still hoping for our first tooth fairy visit this summer…still have a couple of weeks left before school.ReplyCancel

  • Pam D - Heee! I love "the end"! And the B&W was very effective in this post.. great job! SO many pictures.. I just do NOT have your patience right now. Oh, but that's right… you're the "back up" sister… you have PLENTY of time on your hands, right? lol… welcome home! I've missed you!ReplyCancel

  • Life with Kaishon - Oh my gosh. Your summer looks perfect. Really splendid. I love the many special things you got to do. Very lovely memories. You are such a great Mom! I am glad your kids have you : ).

    Really great post. And totally worth the wait. I love these pictures in black and white too!

    10 years? And you still look like babies : )

    I am glad your Summer was so happy.
    I showed these to Kaish and Naji and they were VERY excited to see the kids again.ReplyCancel

  • Adrienne in Ohio - I'm inspired to go ahead and compose my Summer Theme post even if it's late. Hope you're having a great time on vacation!ReplyCancel

  • Dot O - What a great post!! And, you have now guilted me into trying to put something together. All I have are last year's vacation photos…..

    I so wish I could turn the hands of the clock backwards so I could take photos of all of the fun things we did with our kids when they were your kids' ages.

    So cool to see the pics of you and your family and know that I got to spend several great hours with you guys last night!

    Dinner was wonderful. THANK YOU SO MUCH!ReplyCancel

  • Cindy B - great recap and a wonderufl summer except for one thing…didn't see aunt cindy and Uncle bob…but maybe this Fall yet huh? !ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie - I think that's my favorite post ever. I love the way you did that. You've had an awesome summer!ReplyCancel

  • theArthurClan - I ♥ the B&W so much! Are you having a ton of fun? I'm really jealous you got to eat out with Becky and Dot last night. I really should have been a stowaway in the back of the van!

    See you soon!ReplyCancel

  • Christina@ingallslife - don't feel bad about being late, i just posted mine. live writer and i were going at it for three days, it finally decided to listen to me.
    i love the piano playing pics, i have some like that too. blackberries, yummm
    we are big fans of I Spy.
    and YeeYah lost her fifth tooth last week. post coming soon about that.
    glad as always to see your posts…ReplyCancel

  • Lori - wow who are those beautiful friends of yours?! (LOL) looks like a great summer- i especially like your take on "the end" that was clever :-)ReplyCancel

  • Kelly - what a beautiful recap! i was sad it was over!ReplyCancel

  • Melinda - Oh my word, you've had an eventful summer!! I can't decide if I'm jealous or relieved that mine wasn't quite so busy : )

    BTW – love the photo of the Tonka Truck and feet!!ReplyCancel

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