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Autumn Beauty – I ♥ Faces

Oops!  I almost let this week’s contest slip by me.  I did one Fall shoot this year, and that was a spontaneous shoot at that.  I decided to star the photo I took of my hubby.  This sweet guy was attempting to bury me in leaves as I took this picture.  My man allowed me to go to the I ♥ Faces workshop this week by taking on all the responsibilities of kiddos and the house, so I guess he’s forgiven.  :)  Plus, his orneriness provided me a pretty cool perspective.


mark final


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  • crsmith - love the angle!ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Froh - OH WOW!!! That is such an awesome shot! VERY COOL!ReplyCancel

  • Pam D - Oh yeah.. I love it! Now it's making me think of a way to use a blower for next year's contest…! Hee! Still so very jealous that I did NOT get to hug your neck in Dallas. But I'll get over it. In 2035…. maybe. !
    (and oh, stink… could you PLEASE put in the way to sign in to something OTHER than blogger without having to first sign OUT of blogger and lose my comment? C'mon, computer grrrl.. I know you can do it! Remember.. I am now @ http://www.lifebythecreek.wordpress.com .. )ReplyCancel

  • Sarah - AWESOME! That is one of the best photos I've ever seen on this site! 😀

    I hope this gets picked on Saturday!ReplyCancel

  • SKELLER - oooh oooh ooooh!!!!! I absolutely LOVE this image. The action! The leaves mid-air. A husband participating in some way in a photo in the making!!!

    My fav I've seen for this week's contest :-)!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah - How creative!! Love this shot :)ReplyCancel

  • trustandobey - really creative!

  • Brooke - Love it!! What a perfect angle.ReplyCancel

  • the monkey's mama - This is an AWESOME shot. I mean really awesome. I love the angle and the leaves flying. Soooo great!ReplyCancel

  • KrisFlower - nice shot…I love the composition!ReplyCancel

  • gma - love the action shot!ReplyCancel

  • Angie - The Arthur Clan - I have no idea how you got him perfectly framed between those leaves, but this shot is AWESOME!ReplyCancel

  • BeckeyZ - GREAT capture! I love it.ReplyCancel

  • Life with Kaishon - Oh my gosh I love this. It is amazing in every way. You are the coolest.ReplyCancel

  • Christal - I love this shot… if that would have been me, he would have been blurry! Awesome! Love the angle and the leaves flying!ReplyCancel

  • Aunt Tea - F A B U L O U S. ÜReplyCancel

  • Ellie - This is seriously one of my favorites – Great Capture!ReplyCancel

  • Suki - Thats a wonderful perspective! I really love that.ReplyCancel

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