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I Heart Faces – Balloon Theme

Are you ready to head to the dark side?


I swear, I’m not going over the edge.


Nor is my son. :)


I just couldn’t think of anything for the balloon theme…


My son came home with a science experiment he had done at school the other day that involved baking soda, vinegar, a bottle and a balloon.  We were going to do that, but my kitchen is too messy for pictures.  (Like that’s out of the ordinary.)


After buying all sorts of balloons at Dollar General this evening, I came up with the bright idea to blow up three balloons, put a face on each, and then have the kids try to mimic the faces.  Only problem…my kids don’t follow directions.  I think I need a couple more years to put that idea into action.


Finally, I had Nathan pick which face he wanted. He chose the angry face.  I tried to get him to make his own angry face to match.  Since we have such a troubled balloon in the picture, I figured I’d go all lugubrious on y’all with my dark, gloomy editing.  (Yep, I’m throwing those 7th grade vocabulary words in the mix too!)


Don’t cry.  The balloon is now taking anger management courses.  (His anger should be “deflated” soon.)


balloon entry

Sorry for the depressing moment.  Not to worry, all the other entries on I Heart Faces are chipper and cheery.  Go have a look!


  • Life with Kaishon - I love it and it is my favorite.
    : ) I am glad you did something out of the box!

    I can NOT believe I am going to see you in 10 days. So. FREAKING. Excited.

    The first thing I am going to do is change your comments so when you leave one I can email you back.

    It is probably the only thing in the whole world I can ever teach you, so don't change it before you see me : )!

    I hope you win!ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Bowen - I love it, Drew!!! And I really like your rounded edges… so cool! =)ReplyCancel

  • Pam D - Oh man. I love your artwork.. that is so funny! And the face in the background, and the editing.. I just love it! I have an idea for the fall colors picture; we'll see if I can find the time and get the cooperation from a special little someone to pull it off. *sigh* And reading Becky's comments.. 10 days. You guys are going to have SO MUCH FUN! And I can't even be jealous, because I like both of you so much. Could you give each other a tiny little hug for me?ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie - Oh I am right there with Kaishons mom!!!!! gotta gotta gotta change so we can email you directly :) even though I do have your email address….you know me I'm lazy!ReplyCancel

  • Drew - Rebeckah,

    I don't stand a chance to win…especially with your photo this week. I loved it!

    E-mail? I like to make things tough on people.ReplyCancel

  • Elaine at Matters of the Heart) - Oh my, I LOVE this. The edit is just beautiful too. Would love to hear what you did to it. Hummm maybe a tutorial…ReplyCancel

  • Dee - Love this! Such a creative way to use the balloon!ReplyCancel

  • Melinda - This is so creative…as usual! You never cease to amaze me with your quick wit and humor…or with your photography for that matter! I love the depth of field in this!ReplyCancel

  • I Heart Faces - I think this is hysterical and completely out-of-the-box creative! I love it a bunch. :)

    ~Me (you know who)ReplyCancel

  • Amy - ha ha!! Drew, love it!!!

    Awesome submission! Hoping you win! This is definitely a winner!!

    Hugs… AmyReplyCancel

  • Schwabs - I love your creativity with this shot! Such a great idea! I love it!!ReplyCancel

  • way outnumbered - As someone who intentionally looks for the dark side of photographs, I'm impressed! love it!ReplyCancel

  • Kimberly Petty - Love it – Totally agree with the comment about thinking out of the box! Great Idea!ReplyCancel

  • Hayley - This is an amazing shot!!!ReplyCancel

  • ☼¨`*•.♥Rocío♥.•*¨`☼ - Ha! That is so ORIGINAL!
    I was looking around your blog today and I read the blog designed tutorial and I loved it. I am going to try it out!
    Now my question is how do you make your pictures change in your header?
    I would love to have that instead of my scrapbook looking header =D
    Thanks for sharing the designed tutorial!
    Have a Blessing week!ReplyCancel

  • Life with Kaishon - Please hit me right now. Didn't you tell me to get my ticket months ago? I think you did. I just spent a FREAKING fortune. Why didn't I listen to you?

    PS Where is your thankful post? I mean, you can't possibly be busy with caring for three small children, 1 husband, zillions of school students, and a house? : ) Hmmmmmmmmmm.ReplyCancel

  • Cindy B - Uncle Don could show you how to do somethng really out of the box with balloon ,bottles, plastic hoses and apple cider…..ha ha!!
    Love reading your at home everyday experiences with the kids ..BTW…we had the canned beef and tell Mark it was wonderful!!Thanks again!I am trying my hand at canning some chicken this week.ReplyCancel

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