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I Heart Faces – Hilarious Outtakes

Boys…I absolutely don’t understand them.  If I were to explain one day this weekend that involved Nathan, it would include white-out, matches, pee and scissors.  Don’t get me started!  That’s a whole post in itself.


I happened upon this scene this past summer…my son taking a dirt shower. 


Who knows?  I don’t pretend to understand him. :)nathan mud


For this next picture, my kiddos had been out black raspberry picking.  I thought I’d have a mini photo shoot of them enjoying the raspberries on the front porch.  Little did I know how much Ben would LOVE those raspberries.  I have picture after picture of him devouring those little morsels with absolute gusto. 9


Speaking of Ben, my little guy is an absolute cutie, but, boy oh boy, does he ever come up with some interesting expressions.  This is one of his classics…the Popeye: ben



This next photo cracks me up every time I see it.  I’m willing to bet that this little cutie is not a fan of whatever that mush is in the spoon.food

Finally, is it okay to laugh at your one year old?  I promise, she wasn’t hurt by her slip-n-slide endeavor. :)



  • Amanda - the water slide picture…priceless!!!!ReplyCancel

  • wenderful - I love the dirt bath. That is SO boy! I know that look all too well. :)ReplyCancel

  • Bridgette - Aww, how adorable!ReplyCancel

  • Ashley Stone - haha, I laughed out loud at that last one on the slip and slide, sooo funny!ReplyCancel

  • CapturedbyTrisha - lol! Love the slip and slide pic!ReplyCancel

  • A Lady Called Amy - i don't know if i could handle watching my child… any of my children pour dirt over themselves like that. but he looks like he's having fun. :-) great pix!ReplyCancel

  • Marie Höglund - Awesome an funny! Thanks for sharing :-)ReplyCancel

  • Life with Kaishon - Oh my word! The pictures are SO funny. A dirt shower… get out of the city. How fun was it to give him a bath after that? : )

    I love that Ben loved the raspberries so much.

    And I ADORE the baby on the slip and slide. Could she be any cuter? Seriously?ReplyCancel

  • BlondeShot Creative - great shots! the slip n' slide is a split second capture, and so great. I also love the first one.ReplyCancel

  • McKay Family - Slip n Slide capture is priceless! Love it!ReplyCancel

  • candacesoon - Wow…these are cute! I love the expression on the little one's face in the highchair!ReplyCancel

  • way outnumbered - I love the dirt shower!!! I also love that you don't try to understand your son…it's useless…just let them be boys!ReplyCancel

  • SBSAKE Photography - Awesome. I love love the baby's face!ReplyCancel

  • Julia Spencer - That last one is funny! :)ReplyCancel

  • Alice - ok – in the raspberry shot – he looks like the Joker in the last Batman movie – too funny!

    and the one year old on the slip and slide – looks like she's sliding in to home plate – lol! great pictures – thanks for sharing them with us :)
    *big smile*ReplyCancel

  • Serline - You did an awesome job getting those adorable expressions. Love them so much!


  • 50centlove - Oh that one where the little girl refuses the spoon is soooo cute!ReplyCancel

  • Sheri Stewart - My daughter has that same bathing suit! So cute :)ReplyCancel

  • Lena - What great photos! The dirt shower shot came out perfect, I think it's my fave.
    I have a photo of my son's first time enjoying blackberries, and it's eerily similar to yours! I think half the fun is seeing how much of the food you can get on your face (and hair and clothes) before mommy's OCD kicks in and she attacks with wipes.ReplyCancel

  • Ritsumei - Oh man, those are all great, but that dirt shower is a classic!ReplyCancel

  • Amy @ Living Locurto - Great outtakes! I had NOTHING! I know if I searched long and hard I would have found something, but I was too lazy.

    I love the slip and slide shot:-)ReplyCancel

  • Sarah - oh my goodness — these are great! i love the first one. i have a son that has gotten in to many of the things that you listed :) i will never understand boys!ReplyCancel

  • Caroline (Frogmum) - Brilliant shots ~ first, second and last are my funniest faves 😀ReplyCancel

  • Catherine - OMGosh! These are fantastic! I'm still LOLing : )ReplyCancel

  • Natalie - These are hilarious! But now I think you MUST do a post about white out, pee, matches and sissors!ReplyCancel

  • Becca - All of your pictures are seriously amazing – I love the water slide one. But I'm going to be honest, my stomach turned a little on the raspberry one because I thought it was blood! hahaReplyCancel

  • Ali - Great pictures! That slip n slide picture brings back bad memories, but funny ones nonetheless!ReplyCancel

  • Jan - LOL!!! Great pictures!! I love them all!!!ReplyCancel

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