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Taming the diva that is Jordyn

The terrible 3’s have hit.  None of my children got the terrible twos, but watch out when the threes came along!  Almost to the exact date of their birthdays, horns popped out of their skulls and little miniature teenagers replaced my sweet, precious toddlers.  Jordyn is determined to top any and all of her brothers’ antics.


We stop at McDonald’s.  Jordyn declares that she has to be fed first before her brothers.

          Ummm…I think you just guaranteed yourself to be the last one served, girly!


When I wouldn’t get Jordyn cereal because she had let the Pop-tarts she asked for sit there and go to waste, I hear, “Mom, you’re stupid!”

          Oh no, you didn’t!  Thus begins a half hour of temper tantrums  from her place in the corner.


My favorite was when Jordyn all out refused to get into the shopping cart at Target, and I looked like an abusive mother forcing her into the cart while she hollered at the top of her lungs, “I don’t like you anymore!  I want to walk!!!  I’m not getting in!”


I can’t remember what even triggered it the other day, but I struggled to have a phone conversation with my sister while on the way to the lake because Jordyn screamed and screamed.


The thing is, I don’t know where she gets this from.  I was the perfect child, never a peep or cry.  Truly, I remember every detail of my angelic existence.  I’m pretty sure Jordyn is an exact copy of my sister, Angie (the ornery one).


Anyway, when Jordyn went into what I thought was diva-mode the other day, I was close to having had enough.  Here’s the run-down.

J:  Mom, make Nathan quit!!!

     M:  Quit what?

J:  He’s going to break my heart!

(Here I’m thinking she’s copying off of Ben who declares that he can’t quit sucking his thumb because his heart “won’t let him”.)

     M:  Oh, really?  Do enlighten me.  How in the world is Nathan going to break your heart?

J:  He’s standing on my heart, and it’s going to break.  (Full on diva crying follows.)

     M:  Nathan, what are you doing that’s making her so mad?


Of course, he’s not going to tell me anything, but, it turns out, Nathan really was standing on Jordyn’s heart…her Lucy Locket heart shaped dollhouse that we had just bought at a garage sale.


Guess I better cut her a break on this one.

  • Pam D - Hahahahahaaaa… oh wait. Maybe I’m not supposed to laugh. But seriously… you just totally punked Angie… hahahahaaaaa! And Jordyn will be fine, because you won’t let her go far with those tantrums. Love that! Just make sure she doesn’t watch any of the Cartoon Network (and Disney!) junk because she WILL pick up on new ways to make you miserable. Just saying..ReplyCancel

  • Danielle - This is classic.ReplyCancel

  • Lori - LOL totally laughed my way through that one!!!!! no way sweet little “tickle tickle” jordon can act like THAT!?!? It’s only funny because I don’t have to deal with it :-) the whole horn thing is scary tho, makes me glad we moved before nathan turned 3!!!!LOL!ReplyCancel

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