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I Heart Faces ~ Furry Faces

We do not have a pet, so I guess a llama will have to do.  :) (Although I have a feeling my days are numbered on having a pet free house!)


  • Pam D - Perfect capture! We’ve had llamas spit on us before, you you’re either brave, not educated as to the spitting capabilities of the llama, or you have a really long lens! However you cut it, this is a great photo! (and what will you end up with… a dog or a cat?)ReplyCancel

    • Andrea - That was the horrible “African” safari we went on. No telephoto lens…this gal (guy?) had her head in our vehicle. (I think you can see my sister reflected in her eyes.) :) Glad the llama decided to be nice!ReplyCancel

  • Life with Kaishon - Go ahead and get a pet : )
    I think people that have pets are WAY nicer than people without.

  • Stasha - I heard lamas make rather nice pets :) Great photo!ReplyCancel

  • Kayla Faye - Great shot!ReplyCancel

  • Yvonne - This is so great! Love the expression on the camel ahahahReplyCancel

  • Bridget - cute, we had a pet lamas and I was never spit on but she didn’t really like people much, they have the longest eye lashesReplyCancel

  • Brooke Bikneris - Love it!ReplyCancel

  • Montana - SOO CUTE! I love this! I also love the llama’s expression. So llama.ReplyCancel

  • Andrea Starr - I love this. Awesome, awesome.ReplyCancel

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