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Our house – the beginning

Just for fun…this is the video my mother-in-law took right after we found out that our offer was accepted on our house.  Enjoy seeing lime green walls, tons of wallpaper, a psychedelic flowered bathroom, gold and green carpets, a pink tiled bathroom and so much more.

What I really enjoyed about the video (other than getting to see myself skinny) was seeing and hearing Grandma June.

What makes me cringe is my talk about buying pink curtains. What in the world was I thinking?  Good thing Mark never let that happen.  And what was with the man coat I was wearing?  Hey, younger Andrea, wear something more flattering while you have that figure!

Oh, it’s also fun to see my brother Jon so young!

Hopefully soon, I can do a before-and-after video.  (Not that we’re done, but we sure are a whole lot closer!)

  • Life with Kaishon - Oh my goodness I LOVED this. I loved it because it gave me a great layout of the house for when I come to rob you first and foremost ; )

    I LOVE the wood. You look super young but honestly, I think you are prettier now than you were then. I think you must have been wearing Mark’s jacket. Seriously. You wouldn’t have picked that out on your own. I can’t believe how young you are in this : ) Time flies.

    See you soon when I come to rob you. Be on the lookout.ReplyCancel

    • Andrea - So Becky…I know you’re wanting to rob us of the gorgeous curtains in the dining room, but they’re no longer there. :)

      I did pick out the jacket on my own. I have no taste in clothing or decorating. (Did you hear me talk about pink curtains?)ReplyCancel

  • Karen - Wow to see and hear Mom was a real treat. She died at age 99 but she’s very much with it in this video. Thanks for sharing.ReplyCancel

  • cindy - what wonderful filming by Sharon..priceless! thanks for sharing this. It seems like yesterday as I watch it and remember my own first visit, the house helpd many secrets yet to discover as you began restoration !!Andrea..wow…what a lovely home you have and you all have done a beautiful job remodeling! Mom did look really good …in fact everyone did..LOL!ReplyCancel

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