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Lazy Summer Days…Finally!

It has been one stressful school year, and I have to say I’ve spent my first week off of school being extremely lazy.  The kids, on the other hand, are approaching the summer like play is some serious business.  My sister, Angie, has a really cool creek down the road from her.  It took two trips in her Pilot to get everyone there, but it was well worth the effort.

It was fun to note that even with the difference in ages from the youngest (4) to the oldest (13), everyone was having fun, even poor Nathan who was savagely attacked by horseflies.  He has to have around 15-20 bites on his back.  Anyone have any suggestions to help ward them off?  From what I’ve read, they love water and bug spray does not work on them.  :( Nathan appears to have that bug attracting quality.  (Gets that from his mom!)

I’m considering getting a P&S camera.  As much as I love taking photos with my new camera, I was one nervous momma walking across slippery rocks with it!  I think a cheaper camera is in order for excursions like this as well as for our upcoming vacation to Disney, especially with my clumsy propensity for accidents.

The kids have all voted, and this location is on the summer itinerary as a weekly event!

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