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Jenna & Jordyn

This blog has been so neglected for the last couple of years.  I think when Facebook entered the picture, it became so easy to just post snippets of news there.  The only problem is, those snippets move down the timeline quickly, and they’re certainly not as easy to access as on a blog.  So, even though I posted these same pictures over on FB, I’m going to post them here for memory’s sake.

This is Jenna and Jordyn enjoying an impromptu dance session at the Riley July 4th celebration.  My kids LOVE Jenna, and it’s no wonder.  She is so much fun and so sweet to the kids.  Nathan just told me today he wants to be a scientist who works with chemicals…all because of a talk he had with Jenna.  As that seems a much more realistic and lucrative goal then being a train engineer, I’ve decided that Jenna should keep providing all future career counseling.:)

Oh, and do you notice Jordyn’s adorable braided hair that isn’t covering her eyes for once?  That’s another Jenna miracle!

  • Cindy - That is why I blog also…in fact I print off some things I want to save, just in case the website ever closes or I lose it for some reason. A good way to document your kids lives growing up…priceless photos!!!ReplyCancel

  • Life with Kaishon - I love Jenna : ) What a treasure. Does she want to come and provide some career counseling to Kaish also? That would be ducky. Her hair is pretty in a braid. Her smile is sensational.ReplyCancel

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