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IPSY Monthly Beauty Subscription Reviews – April Glam Bag “Beauty Rocks” Review

Ipsy Glam Bag Subscription Review – April “Beauty Rocks”

ipsy glam bag april beauty rocks

Here is a look into my second month with the Ipsy Glam Bag subscription.  Each month, Ipsy sends a custom bag filled with 4-5 beauty items.  Most are trial sized, but there is also usually at least one full size item.

  • Beauty Rocks Bag:  I like this one much better than last month’s.  It’s a bit bigger and made out of a material similar to a light spring jacket.
  • Elizabeth Mott – Pop! Goes the Shadow – Champagne (full size):  This is a very safe color.  It has been a nice, light neutral cover that I use as a base.  There is a slight bit of shimmer which I don’t prefer to have in my eyeshadows, but it’s not overwhelming.  Unfortunately, I dropped this recently and ruined it.  Value before I dropped it:  :) $12.99
  • Big Sexy Hair – Root Pump Volumizing Spray Mousse (sample size):  I’m sure this product is great, but I don’t have a hairstyle that calls for this type of product.  I made sure to go into my IpsyMatch quiz and made some changes to avoid hair products in the future.  A 10.6 ounce full size version is $17.95, so I estimate the value of 1.6 ounces at:  $2.50
  • Dr. Brandt – Microdermabrasion (sample size):  I didn’t think I would like this, but I ended up loving it.  It has a very pleasant lemon scent, and my skin felt so soft and smooth after using it.  I would have bought a full size right away if it weren’t so dang expensive!  The good news is that I reviewed it highly  on Ipsy and changed my IpsyMatch quiz to indicate that I would like to try more microdermabrasion products.  I’m getting another brand of microdermabrasion in May’s bag that is much lower priced but still highly rated.  I’m excited to try it!  A full size version is $78.00 for 2 oz., so I estimate the value of 7.5g (.26 oz.) at:  $10.00
  • Starlooks – Luscious Longwear Lip Pencil – Naked (full size):  Since I prefer neutral colors, I was pretty excited to try this.  Doesn’t naked kind of imply flesh tones?  Well, my flesh would have to be a pretty bright peachy color to match this lip pencil.  Wearing it on it’s own…not a fan, but it does look alright under tinted lipgloss.  Value:  $14.00
  • Urban Decay – 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil – Black Velvet (travel size):  This was the winner for me that resulted in a pricy shopping spree at Urban Decay.  This eyeliner is just awesome.  It glides on easily and doesn’t budge all day.  I have always had difficulty with eyeliner.  When I leave for work in the morning, my eyeliner has a line right up against my eyelashes.  Somehow by the middle of the day, I swear it’s physically moved up my eyelid, leaving a skin strip of nothingness between my eyelashes and the newly formed eyeliner strip.  What the heck?  I am happy to report that Urban Decay’s eyeliner has been my solution.  I love it!  When I first visited the Urban Decay website, I was having a hard time coughing up $20.00 for one eye pencil.  I then discovered a set of 8 eyeliners with a pencil sharpener on sale for $39.00 at Urban Decay.  It does include many colors that I won’t use, but there are at least 3 that I will use (plus I got myself a great pencil sharpener).  Urban Decay also sells a travel set of 6 eyeliners for $24.00 From what I’ve gathered, the full size is 0.04 oz., while the travel size is 0.03 oz.  Not a huge difference!  Estimated value of travel size:  $10

Total Estimated Value of Beauty Items in this Month’s Bag:  $49.50

This month was great!  The whole reason why I joined Ipsy was to try products without the risk, and I ended up finding 2 that I loved (Dr. Brandt and Urban Decay), and one that I could afford (Urban Decay).  Once again, I received over $40 worth of products, a bag, and shipping  for $10.  Add to that, Ipsy offers discounts and/or incentives for every item they send out during the month (even if the product wasn’t chosen for my bag).  I really think this is such a cool deal.

If you’ve found my review helpful and would like to join Ipsy, please consider using my referral code:  http://www.ipsy.com/r/7u3l

Items Ipsy offered in the month of April:

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