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Zulily Reviews – India Boutique Girls Red Tiered Sundress Review

Zulily India Boutique Girls Red Tiered Sundress

Zulily India Boutique dress

I’ve become a Zulily addict lately, but I’ve found that many of the items they offer do not have any reviews ANYWHERE!  I’m so used to heading over to Amazon to compare prices and check reviews that I’ve found it to be very frustrating buying items with no clear idea of what I’m really going to get.  So, hopefully I can share my experiences with what I’ve purchased on Zulily to help out other moms/parents.  Anyone who shops Zulily regularly will notice that they tend to bring back certain products consistently, so what I’ve purchased will probably be made available again.

Zulily India Boutique Red Tiered Sundress

Here’s the Zulily page for the dress:

India Boutique Red Tiered Sundress Review

The description says it will fit ages 5 to 8 years.  It also states that it comes in assorted colors and is 100% polyester.  Great price at $8.99.

Here’s the dress I received:

Zulily India Boutique Girls Red Tiered Sundress dress Review Reviews


My thoughts:

My daughter loves it.  It has great twirling ability. (This is very important to a 6 year old girl.)  It’s not the color scheme I was expecting, though.  I’ll give Zulily credit.  They did say it comes in assorted colors, but when the title includes “red” in it, I would expect there to be some red.  This dress has not a stitch of red.  The dress smelled AWFUL coming out of the bag, but now that it has aired out, it’s fine.


Size wise, I think it runs a bit small.  My daughter is newly six, but she is tall for her age.  The dress falls just a little below her knee.  I would have preferred it to be longer.  Most of the material is very thin and silky.  The silkiness of it makes my daughter think it is very fancy!  The thinness of the material makes her momma worry!  The top is a looser weave that has a linen-like texture and is muted coral in color.  I  have to keep an eye on making sure the top part is tied secure as the upper portion of the dress is a little loose and easily slips down.

My verdict is still out on this one.  I did try washing the dress, and it held up so far.   My big complaint is that the description said “red” and I was really hoping to get something similar to what was in the picture. If I saw the dress I received in a local store for $8.99, though, I probably would have bought it.  So although I didn’t get what I expected, it’s still cute and my daughter loves it!

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