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I Heart Faces – Black

Trying to find a photo for this theme made it clear that I need to get back to taking pictures.  I think I have been in a sort of droughtView full post »

I Heart Faces – People’s Choice

This photo certainly won’t win an award, but I consider it my “best photo of the summer” mainly because it captured aView full post »

I want it!

On a whim, I stopped at an antique store yesterday.  I’m always looking for photo props, and I thought it would be fun to lookView full post »

Taming the diva that is Jordyn

The terrible 3’s have hit.  None of my children got the terrible twos, but watch out when the threes came along!  Almost to theView full post »

Pollakiuria – Frequent Urination in Children, Usually Boys Age 4 – 6

Pollakiuria…Every hear of it? Me either… Until yesterday. My dear Ben has been making an unbelievable number of trips to theView full post »

I Heart Faces – Props

The other day at church, Jordyn whispered to one of the VBS teachers, “Sometimes I do photo shoots.” My little diva thinksView full post »


I totally forgot about these pics I snapped a few weeks ago.  I love capturing photos of the kids right after they get their hair cut.  BenView full post »

New bike!

Nathan was still using training wheels up until today. Mark wanted me to let everyone know that we blame ourselves…weren’t tooView full post »

Black Raspberry Picking…

It’s that time of year again! This year, we got to take advantage of the Rails to Trails path that is a block away from our house.View full post »

Water everywhere!

When it rains, it pours (kind of like my blogging). It has been raining quite a bit in Ohio which has made for a rather dismal Spring. IfView full post »