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It’s funny what happens when I get the camera out. With Nathan, I’m lucky if I can get a fake smile out of him before he runsView full post »

I Heart Faces – From a Distance

Okay, so maybe I wasn’t that far away…but I sure stayed far enough away to avoid getting my camera splashed. We have had aView full post »

Balcony turned into a Bathroom Remodel – Part 2

Balcony turned into a bathroom remodel – part 2: Mark and his friend, Scott, spent all of today working on the “balcony”View full post »

Bathroom Add-On

We have had a balcony that was absolutely useless. It was skinny, went nowhere, and had absolutely no function. Mark and I decided toView full post »

I Heart Faces – Mothers

This week on I Heart Faces, we’re supposed to share an image that captures the spirit of being a mother. We just got a trampoline,View full post »

This guy is 5!!!

Ben has been waiting patiently through Nathan and Jordyn’s birthdays for his day to come. It’s finally here! My sweet, middleView full post »

Easter Celebration at the Arthur’s

I feel bad that I have hardly had any family blog posts for quite some time. It’s not unusual for my blogging to take a major dipView full post »

I Heart Faces – Soft & Sweet

When I told Jordyn I was going to take her picture in one of her new princess dresses, Jordyn immediately demonstrated how she was going toView full post »

I Heart Faces – Pets

You know what? I’m really bad about taking photos of pets. There are dogs galore in my extended family…Willow, Carly, Honey,View full post »

Nathan is 7!

We had a nice get together with the grandparents at Olive Garden. (Nathan’s pick!) We then headed over to my parents’View full post »

Halloween in March

I’ve been wondering where my 16GB memory card was that had Halloween pictures on it. It seemed to disappear into thin air. Yesterday,View full post »