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Jordyn’s haircut

Here’s the story…yesterday Jordyn got a hold of some scissors that Nathan left out.  She managed to chop some bangs,View full post »

A repost of sorts…

A little over a month ago, I took photos of the families of two great guys that I work with.  Neither of them had gotten around toView full post »

I’m back!

It seemed like this day would never come…but it finally has! I’m done with college. Not done for a semester or done untilView full post »

The Winans Baby Shower

Click here to view this photo book larger What a cool baby shower I went to this weekend!  Mark’s cousin is due to have a babyView full post »

Camera Convert!

I do believe that Jordyn is starting to like the camera.  She was hamming it up the other day in the van while we were waiting for herView full post »

A few photos from the vacay…

Our vacation started with a visit to Horseshoe Curve in Altoona, PA. After that, we headed to Lancaster County to enjoy Dutch Wonderland.View full post »


My sleep cycle is so off lately! Last night, I stayed up until 2 or 3 and then lay on the couch until 11 while my kids roamed around theView full post »

Went for one…came back with another

We bought a van! On Tuesday, the insurance company FINALLY called and let Mark know that our van was totaled. We still have no idea howView full post »

The van…

In April of 2007, (has it really been that long?) I finally located a steal of a deal for our family vehicle. I like to tell my studentsView full post »

Memorial Weekend

Our family sure knows how to pack in the events into a holiday weekend!   Saturday…Mark’s cousin Jenna’s graduationView full post »