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I Heart Faces – Slice of Life

I cleaned my van today thoroughly and was so happy to find a missing memory card…from Halloween. Maybe I should clean my van moreView full post »

I Heart Faces ~ Sun Flare

I had to dig deep to find photos of sun flare. This is terribly composed but a very real moment. Jordyn has been driving the miniView full post »

I Heart Faces – People’s Choice

This is my cousin’s new baby boy…just a couple hours old. He was actually starting to get hungry and looking for his fist, butView full post »

I Heart Faces – Anything but the Face

This probably seems like a strange photo to post for the challenge this week. It definitely fits the criteria, though. This is Jordyn rightView full post »

I Heart Faces – Red Theme

I managed to get a couple pictures in before the battery in my camera went dead. I’m thinking I might have left my charger inView full post »

I Heart Faces ~ Best Face Photo of January

I had a couple close up pictures to choose from, but you know how I can’t resist those candid shots! Pep rallies are always so muchView full post »

I Heart Faces ~ Innocent Wonder

My kids think an indoor picnic is about the coolest thing ever.  Last Saturday all of us worked out in the garage all day.View full post »

Best Face Photo of 2010 – I Heart Faces

Going through this past year’s photos made me realize that I have taken surprisingly too few photos. The entire year of 2010 was aView full post »

I Heart Faces – Self-Portrait

When I thought about what to do for this theme, I imagined all these cool locations and different perspectives to take my self-portrait.View full post »

I Heart Faces – Silhouette

Hmmm…I think I need to start practicing taking silhouettes.  This was the only photo I could find with any type ofView full post »

I Heart Faces – In the Orchard

This is not a recent photo, but it was the closest thing I had to an orchard. It would be cool to take the family to a real orchard andView full post »

I Heart Faces – Chalk

When I saw this week’s theme, I was stumped how to be creative with it. I started searching online only to discover that ClevelandView full post »