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Autumn Beauty – I ♥ Faces

Oops!  I almost let this week’s contest slip by me.  I did one Fall shoot this year, and that was a spontaneous shoot atView full post »

I Heart Faces – Balloon Theme

Are you ready to head to the dark side?   I swear, I’m not going over the edge.   Nor is my son.    I just couldn’tView full post »

I Heart Faces – Halloween Costumes Week

You would think it would be easy.  Put costume on child, take her to the park, snap 5 or 6 pictures, and load the beautifulView full post »

I Heart Faces – Pink Theme

    It may not be comfortable, but sometimes you just gotta let them be squeezed.    Okay, I’m pathetic, butView full post »

I Heart Faces – “Excited” Theme

  Nothing makes Jordyn more excited than riding her four-wheeler.  One of these days, I’ll share a picture of Jordyn’s face whenView full post »

A Few of My Favorite Things…

The problem with this week’s theme is that it reminds me of THAT SONG and now THAT SONG is stuck in my head, replaying over and over andView full post »

I Heart Faces – Blue

  I didn’t come up with any ground-breaking ideas for this week’s theme.  Since I’ve never tried the “everyone jump at the sameView full post »

I Heart Faces – Totally Candid

My “baby” brother (2nd from the left) got hitched on Friday.  Here he is singing “Friends in Low Places” with his buds.  MyView full post »

I Heart Faces – Contemplative

Wish I hadn’t taken this in direct sunlight, but I do like the expression on my son’s face.  What’s better to contemplate than theView full post »

I Heart Faces – Back to School

    Nathan was such a booger about pictures on his first day of Kindergarten.  He didn’t leave me with much to chooseView full post »

I Heart Faces – Before & After

When it comes to photography, I’m ashamed to say it…I’m a very slow learner.  My first experience with digital photography came atView full post »

I Heart Faces – Nostalgia

It’s the first week of school, and I almost skipped this week’s challenge.  I just couldn’t bring myself to opt out, though.  IView full post »