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I ♥ Faces ~ Vacation Story

So, my sister decided that she needs a “vacation” from I ♥ Faces.  I just don’t know why.  It’s not like she has been spendingView full post »

I ♥ Faces ~ Birthday Theme ~ Kids

I may have over-rusticized this picture, but I lost the original and my patience. ☺ My oldest child is a HUGE fan of trains. WeView full post »

I ♥ Faces ~ Silhouette

In Ohio, it’s pretty darn hard to come up with good silhouettes.  The ocean beach scene is obviously a no-go.  A sunsetView full post »

I ♥ Faces ~ Blurb Contest ~ Amateur

All righty…I’m Angie’s sister, so I’m not in this to win it…only to have fun.  Because of that, instead of picking my favorite photoView full post »

I ♥ Faces ~ Laughter

  What I love about the laughter theme is that I suspect there will be very few posed pictures.  Laughter is one of those thingsView full post »

I ♥ Faces ~ HATS ~ Kids

      I tried to recreate a silly joke with all my kids that Nathan used to play .  Nathan used to think it wasView full post »

I ♥ Faces ~ Reflection ~ Adults & Kids

  (Adult’s Entry)  Basically, my son and I are reflected in a bubble.      (Kid’s Entry) This is my sonView full post »

I ♥ Faces ~ Self-portrait ~ Adult

   You should have seen what a dork I looked like trying to capture a picture of myself at the park.  After about a hundredView full post »

I Heart Faces ~ Easter/Spring ~ Amateur

Someday I hope to move past being an amateur.  Something about a full-time job and 3 little kids tends to hamper the time availableView full post »

I ♥ Faces ~ My Friend and I ~ Kids

  These three cousins, all born within two months of each other, have no choice but to be best friends, especially when theirView full post »

I ♥ Faces ~ Kids ~ Pouting

You would think I’d have quite a few pouting pictures as I can attest my kids are no stranger to the poochie lip.  Despite that, itView full post »

I Heart Faces ~ Kids ~ No Flash Week

        This photo is a commemoration of sorts of my start into the world of no flash.  I tried over andView full post »