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Mark very kindly took Nathan to the Riley’s tonight and I sat and got the rest of my IEP’s done. I actually completed 6 of them during Nathan’s nap so I had a very successful day. Now I have to get to the big pile of papers that need graded. I’ve neglected everything else because of these IEP’s.

Here’s a question. At 10:20 p.m., Sweatie Pie left a comment on my blog. I immediately called over to the Arthur residence only to find that Angie has a workshop tonight. This means Bill is unmonitored by Angie. He claims to be doing his taxes and was grouchy enough that I halfway believed him. Something interesting to note is that I had just tried calling Janine and it went immediately to her voicemail…no phone ring or anything. Is there a devious person over at the Scandlon house?

So the mystery continues. There are several people out there without alibis. I can tell you that my husband has a fool proof alibi as he was cleaning poop out of our bath tub at the moment the comment was left. Yes, my dear son pooped in the tub today. I tried several times to go in there and clean it and just ended up puking. I’m getting sick just thinking about it! It’s moments like these that I am so grateful for my husband. I would never make it as a single parent. I’d have to have someone come install a garbage disposal in my bathtub so I wouldn’t have to clean it…just wash it down the drain and grind it up. Oh, yuck, I’m feeling sick. By the way, Mark’s laptop is on the couch turned off so there is no way he is holing up in the bathroom sneaking a blog in.:)Mark is currently thinking of clever slogans for scrubby bubbles….”powerful enough to clean up dried poop” (not his exact words, but I cleaned up the language to keep this a family friendly site)

  • sweatie pie - You can check on me by calling 1-800-hahahah.ReplyCancel

  • jescandlon - I do have an alibi-I was on the phone with Angie. Therefore, she has an alibi also. Since we have a dial-up modem, Pat could not have been doing it either. He was watching CSI Miami while I chatted with Angie completely disturbing his peace.ReplyCancel

  • Angie Arthur - Isn’t poop just the best thing EVER when you are pregnant? You are bringing back such warm, fuzzy feelings about pregnancy Drew!ReplyCancel

Is that what this has been….a break? It has been a very busy week between planning for Nathan’s party and Shari’s surprise party (yesterday). I’ll post pictures of both parties soon. Tomorrow I get to finish up my IEP’s and then it is back to school on Tuesday. The crazy thing is that I only have 2 weeks left at school. Yikes, baby will be arriving very soon!

I saw a previous student of mine at McDonald’s today. She is graduating from the Career Center this year. She claims that she is one of just a few students from that class that are still actually in school. One of my students dropped out and has a baby. Another one or two are in jail. It’s nice to see my positive influence affecting so many of my students.:)All that work with some of them, just to see them drop out! At least some of them are hanging in there! This girl was very happy to tell me that she has a tattoo and her boyfriend works with her at McDonalds. (According to her, he has lots of tattoos. I guess that is a good thing? ) At least they’re working!

Well, I better save something for tomorrow when I procrastinate doing IEP’s. I’m off to bed.

  • Jonathan Roth - That’s sort of depressing. At least they got some education?ReplyCancel

  • jescandlon - Could you put off those IEP’s any longer?! :)ReplyCancel

  • Angie Arthur - I think IEP’s must be a little bit like doing taxes. I just finished my SU tax stuff for Bill last night (at midnight!) I’m with Jon on this one — I HATE TAXES!!ReplyCancel

  • sweatie pie - I ahve a tatoo on my… Well you can guesse and imagine.ReplyCancel

We had an Easter egg hunt at mom and dad’s house today. The kids had fun searching the yard for their eggs.

  • Angie Arthur - Well — the KIDS sure are cute in these pictures… Not too sure that I like seeing myself on the internet though (ICK!)ReplyCancel

  • sweatie pie - I like that hunk your with though!ReplyCancel

  • GrandmaKaren - My neighbors will think we are nuts, but when Jeff and Danielle are back at the end of May We’ll put out the plastic Easter eggs with candy in them for the kids to find with their presently lost Easter baskets.(in the sunroom, buried under lots of boxes for now) I’ll even have Easter candy to put in them which I bought cheap after Easter. I’ll have to get another Easter basket tho for the new little boy coming our way in May…What is his name, Andrea and Mark????Grandma wants to know.ReplyCancel

I uploaded mom’s photos to her computer (off of her camera). She had pictures going back to her Disney trip with the Arthur’s. Here’s a picture of the grandkids on the couch.

  • Angie Arthur - This is such a great picture!! We’ll have to take another group picture after Yet-To-Be-Given-A-Name Riley arrives.ReplyCancel

  • GrandmaKaren - I think it is a great picture, After we get one with the new baby included I’ll have it made big to show off to all our friends!ReplyCancel


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  • jescandlon - I’m Blue-You give your love and friendship unconditionaly. You enjoy long, thoughtful conversations rich in philosophy and spirituality. You are very loyal and intuitive.ReplyCancel

  • sweatie pie - I color Pink- sneaky, lovely, cuddely.ReplyCancel

  • Angie Arthur - I’m Aqua — “You enjoy life, humor, and being exuberant. Wherever you go you usually find yourself stealing the spotlight without even trying. You love to let go and have fun.”