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Now who could resist that Sweatie Pie face???

  • Angie Arthur - The wait was almost unbearable — but somehow I made it and your beautiful pictures made it so worth it!ReplyCancel

  • Danielle - These photos are even more beautiful than those of the Arthur kids…who would have thought!ReplyCancel

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    If a family member says or writes something about you that is understood to lower your reputation, or that keeps people from associating with you, defamation has occurred. Slander and libel are two forms of defamation.

    Libel is a written defamation. Generally, blog posts that are defamatory are considered to be libel, rather than slander.

    Please Note: Some may argue that in order for defamation of character to occur, the alleged victim actually has to have character to defame in the first place.ReplyCancel

  • drewmark19 - Hey, I’m not the one who posed for the pictures. :)ReplyCancel

  • sweatie pie - Preach it sister! That is not even sweatie pie. wrong gender!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Angie Arthur - Sweatie Pie is a little girly sometimes…ReplyCancel

  • GrandmaKaren - Gosh Bill- I’d be mad if someone posted a picture of me that looked that bad!!!!!!!ReplyCancel

Well, I’ve had a busy day…Dr.’s appt., Chiropracter appt., shopping at Sam’s and cleaning for the party. We’ve decided to hold the party at Shari’s since they have more room and the outdoors to play. Shari is a little stressed, though, as Laura and family are coming in tonight. I’m really good at helping make her life stressful!

For those coming to the party, the plan is still 4:30 at Amazone. We are paying for the kids’ tickets, so don’t even try it! We will then leave for Shari’s around 6 or 6:30 depending on when the kids wear out. Dinner is sloppy joes, beans, veggies, and chips. (fancy, schmancy stuff!) We’ll have cake and open presents after that.

I don’t have any “theme” games planned like Angie would if she were putting on the party. I figured the kids might be worn out???? They can always run around outside, go down to the basement to play with Geotrax or go out to the garage to see Mark’s…oops “Nathan’s” train.

Oh…update on baby. I actually lost weight which I thought was a good thing, but I guess it’s not. The doctor had a worried look on her face. My opinion is that I have plenty of fat stores to hold the baby over, but Janine said that the doctor is probably worrying that I’m losing fluids. I’ve been more nauseous so I think that’s probably the cause. Anyway, the doctor is predicting another 8 pounder. Glad to hear that I haven’t inherited the Riley curse of big 11 pounders!:)Next visit is in 2 weeks so I’ll update you all then.

  • Angie Arthur - “Dinner is sloppy joes, BEANS, veggies, and chips. (fancy, schmancy stuff!)”

    With your menu, maybe Will will be able to try out the wonderful trick Uncle Jon taught him again tonight? :) Since Papa Jerry will be there, I’m sure it will have to come up at least once!

    Looking forward to seeing you tonight and celebrating Nathan’s birthday. It will be fun to finally see “Nathan’s” train as well!ReplyCancel

Thankfully, mine tested out pretty much female! Had to get my “quiz of the day” posted.:)

Your Brain is 80.00% Female, 20.00% Male
Your brain leans female
You think with your heart, not your head
Sweet and considerate, you are a giver
But you’re tough enough not to let anyone take advantage of you!
  • Danielle - Hi Drew,
    I took this quiz and came up with the same comments. However, I am 2/3 female and 1/3 male. I am surprised I didn’t come up more male that I did! No comments from Sweatie Pie on that one please!ReplyCancel

  • sweatie pie - Your all lady to me. Besides guys look at the outside not the inside. They are such disgusting pigs!!!

    I am glad to report I am 100% female. oooppps gotta go, I have an appointment in 5 minutes that is 1 hour away, and I have yet to do my hair, and iron my clothes… I might be late… Hmmm i wonder where my keys are?ReplyCancel

  • Jeff - Unfortunately, I am only 67% male brained. Must have been living with three older sisters that screwed me all up.

    Wait, I know what it was… It was probably because of the time you girls used your makeup to dress me like a clown. Dad was clearly justified to lose his temper.ReplyCancel

  • jescandlon - 66% female, 33% male. Exact same comments. Hmmmm. Andrea, I think you need to take the advice in that last line about not letting people take advantage of you!!ReplyCancel

  • Angie Arthur - I came up exactly the same as Danielle, Jeff and Janine. I was guessing that it was because Weslea and I are so outnumbered by boys at this house?!ReplyCancel