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From Buehler’s…
…to Reagan Parkway

No matter how tasty the cookie (complements of Mima Karen), Nathan just couldn’t keep from closing those eyes.

  • Jonathan Roth - These are off your cell phone?

    And where is Angie’s Blog?ReplyCancel

  • Angie Arthur - My blog has changed to http://www.thearthurclan.blogspot.com/. A more fitting name for a family blog I think!ReplyCancel

  • drewmark19 - Yep…I used my cell phone. That’s why all my pictures are crappy. But at least I’m managing to take pictures. :) Anyone who cares to hint to Mark can tell him that the Canon Rebel Digital SLR (8 MP) is on the tippy-top of my wishlist. 2nd is a fence. 3rd is a Wishblade. Then my world will be complete.ReplyCancel

  • Jonathan Roth - Geez. That’s like $780ReplyCancel

How about a quiz a day? They have about a million out there. They even have one that guesses your weight by asking you questions. They were right-on for my weight (before pregnancy).

Here’s my Simpson character:

You Are Lisa Simpson
A total child prodigy and super genius, you have the mind for world domination. But you prefer world peace, Buddhism, and tofu dogs.
You will be remembered for: all your academic accomplishments
Your life philosophy: “I refuse to believe that everybody refuses to believe the truth”
  • Jonathan Roth - Woah, Drew’s laying the smack down.ReplyCancel

  • Angie Arthur - Way to go Drew!!ReplyCancel

  • Angie Arthur - Finally had a chance to take this one — I’m Marge Simpson and I’ll be remembered for my “good cooking.” We’ll have to ask Bill and the kids about that!ReplyCancel

Don’t want to disappoint Sweatie Pie, so I’ll share the scintillating details of my day. First, I realized that I shouldn’t feel too guilty about working as I’m only missing out on 2 hours of Nathan’s waking hours.:)Nathan woke up at 9, went back down at 11 and woke up again at 3. What a sleeper!

Here’s the exciting part, Sweatie Pie….while Nathan was sleeping, I washed laundry, hung up clothes, washed dishes, surfed the internet, put out the trash…I’d go on, but I wouldn’t want you to get jealous of my adventuresome life.

Nate and I went to the park today. Once again, he found an older kid to follow around. This kid was Tyler, and it appeared that his 2 mommies were having a nice intimate conversation over at the picnic tables. How nice!

So here’s some pics of Nate at the park:

Taking a break on the bridge.

Sliding down the big red slide.
Pretending to be a dog (he kept licking his “paws”)
Walking around wagging his finger saying “no, no, no!” to no one in particular. (I think Nathan is going through withdrawal from trying to boss around Craig.)
Enjoying the merry-go-round.


I didn’t have the guts to take a picture of Tyler’s parents.:)

Tonight, I’m off to the “spa”. A friend of mine is having a “spa party.” Ah…the life of a pampered housewife.

  • Angie Arthur - Watching your son’s face as he goes down the big red slide; Seeing your son lick his “paws” as he pretends to be a dog; Having your child sleep most of the day…..all good stuff I’m sure.

    But….a picture of the two mommies having an intimate conversation at the park: PRICELESS!!


  • Danielle - I would like to see some lesbian photos as well. Sweatie pie will be all over that!

    We girls should go to a spa sometime when Jeff and I are visiting Ohio! That sounds like so much fun. =)ReplyCancel

  • Angie Arthur - D ~ it would be so great if you were here ALL the time! You could of seen “Failure to Launch” with us (I know you’re probably still crying that you missed out on such an “awesome” movie!)

    The spa thing sounds like a blast — we’ll have to remember that for the future for sure…ReplyCancel

  • sweatie pie - I LIVE ANOTHER DAY!! yAHOOOOO!. Tell us more!!!!!.

    I am all for the spa also!!! Lets make a date!!ReplyCancel

I don’t much feel like typing so I’ll be lazy today and just post the type of coffee that I am. I know that everyone is curious. Not as exciting as the pirate quiz, especially since I don’t really drink coffee, but at least I’m keeping up with my posting!:)Good night!

You Are a Cappuccino

You’re fun, outgoing, and you love to try anything new.
However, you tend to have strong opinions on what you like.
You are a total girly girly at heart – and prefer your coffee with good conversation.
You’re the type that seems complex to outsiders, but in reality, you are easy to please
  • Angie Arthur - It looks like all coffee haters turn into “I’m a Cappuccino” drinkers. That’s probably the only kind of coffee I’d even try so I guess they were right!ReplyCancel

  • sweatie pie - Don’t ever do this agian. I live vicariouly through your blog, Angela Arthurs blog, Johnathan Roths blog, and Jeffery Roths blog. When you don’t post, part of me dies!! Don’t do this again!!ReplyCancel

  • drewmark19 - Hey, sweatie pie. For someone so sarcastic about our sites, you sure do check in a lot. Just admit it…you love these blogs!ReplyCancel

  • Angie Arthur - “I live vicariouly through your blog, Angela Arthurs blog, Johnathan Roths blog, and Jeffery Roths blog.”

    Hey Sweatie Pie ~ How do you know everyone’s true full name if you aren’t a member of the family?ReplyCancel

  • sweatie pie - read the blogs, the names are there. I know weveryone inthe family!MuHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!ReplyCancel