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Enjoying an eventful Saturday with Meemus (Thomas the Train) and Nathan. He currently has his head in his cereal bowl, sucking out the milk. When he comes up for air, he says, “Good” and then his head is back in the bowl. Gee, I wonder why his hair is always sticky.

Mark is missing this momentous occasion in our life. Bet you’ll never guess where he is. Let’s see, Saturday morning, nowhere to go… could he be? Oh, what a surprise…he’s sleeping!

I’ve been checking over the comments on my blog, and Jon is the only one who is giving any serious new name suggestions. I told Mark that if he wants a say in naming our baby, he is going to have to give his suggestions through the blog. Otherwise, he cannot complain about my choices. He doesn’t like anything I pick, but he doesn’t have any ideas for names. I guess we’ll have to name the baby “Jo”. Or how about “Yohn”. I actually had a student with that name my 2nd year of teaching. It would be unique!

Yesterday started off swell. For those of you with a weak stomach, skip to the next paragraph. I was on my way to school and out of the blue upchucked my entire breakfast which happened to be a chocolate Slim-fast shake now plastered on my shirt, pants, hand, steering wheel, floor…you name it. The rest of the day thankfully was mostly better!

Aunt Cori (Tori, according to Nathan) is home for a week. (he changes the “t” sound in Thomas to an “m” and the “c” in cori to “t”….doesn’t make sense to me!) We had pizza over at the Riley’s last night. They now have carpet in their basement and main floor bedroom. Nathan loves the basement because the carpet goes partly up the wall covering a ledge around the room. He enjoys sitting up there and then jumping down.

I haven’t received many guesses about the baby ultrasounds. Just so you know, baby #1 is Nathan & baby #2 is Sweatie Pie’s nephew-to-be.

Here’s my pregnancy update for week #35: Your baby doesn’t have much room to maneuver now that he’s over 18 inches long and weighs over 5 pounds. In fact, most of his development is complete. From here on, he’s mostly concentrating on fattening up. You don’t have a lot of room to grow either — your uterus is now about 15 times its normal size.

To close up, here’s some Easter humor a friend sent to me:

  • Angie Arthur - That is such a cute picture story of Nathan. I think I need to send Weston over to your house so he can learn something else from Nathan…and then we can have a sticky head everyday for breakfast/lunch/dinner in addition to the highchair, his clothing and everything else already being sticky!

    Weston’s “new” thing (he’s been doing this for a couple weeks) is to take a drink of something and then he spits it onto the floor. It drives me CRAZY! Janine mentioned that Nathan is doing something similar as well? What’s up with that?!ReplyCancel

  • Angie Arthur - P.S. Your Easter bunny comic gave me a good laugh this morning — thanks for sharing!ReplyCancel

  • sweatie pie - your uterus is now about 15 times its normal size.

    Wow. Nuthin’ like a big uterus on a woman!ReplyCancel

  • drewmark19 - Yes, sweatie pie, it’s what all the men want… Would you like me to “spice” up my site by including a picture of my uterus? I’m sure they could snap a shot at my C-section. Meowww!ReplyCancel

  • Grandma Karen - thought poor Nathan fell asleep and was drowning in the cereal bowl. Glad he came up for air! Cute pictures. Grandma KarenReplyCancel

  • jescandlon - It stinks to be 9 months pregnant. Everything feels huge-it is so hard to even bend. Good time for Mark to give back massages, carry things, generally all around pamper you for the next couple months! Are you listening Mark? It’s the way to win her heart! :)ReplyCancel

To break the IEP writing process up tonight, we decided to take off to El Canelo’s (a Mexican restaurant in Wooster). We ordered Nathan a child’s meal (which we rarely do) and he actually ate it. In fact, he dug into my food too. You never know with him. Sometimes he pigs out and other times he doesn’t want anything.

Before that, Mark took him to the park. He was fine until it was time to come back inside. He then let his body go limp everytime Mark tried to get him to come inside. Ah, yes…the terrrible two’s are upon us!

After El Canelo’s (and after Mark and I both said we were absolutely stuffed), we managed to stop at Hartzler’s for icecream. The three of us shared a scoop of cherry cheesecake icecream…yummy! Point of Grace was playing in the background and Nathan entertained us with his “dancing”. The boy has as much rhythm as his dad!

Since Nathan keeps painting himself with food at Janine’s house, he got a bath tonight and will be heading to bed really soon. I myself am avoiding IEP’s, so I best stop writing and get my butt back to work. Until next time…

  • Angie Arthur - Ah — I’m soooo jealous! I actually cooked tonight (UGH!) and it tasted okay. Nothing like El Canelo’s though.

    Here’s to hoping your IEP’s all magically get finished tonight and you don’t have to think about them again for the rest of the year!ReplyCancel

  • Jonathan Roth - I want pictures of the dancing baby. Come on Drew!ReplyCancel

Angie brings up an interesting point. What should we name this baby? Mark doesn’t like anything I suggest.

For example:

Corbin – “He’ll be called Corn-boy”

Grant – “That sounds British.” “I don’t like one-syllable names.”

Dean – Oh ya…that’s one syllable.

Of course, I do remember Mark’s particular fondness for Earl. I only count 1 syllable there!

So any suggestions? I can hardly wait for what sweatie pie has to say!

  • Angie Arthur - Sweatie/Sweety Pie has been amazingly silent since I posted about him on my blog. Hmmmm….I wonder what that means?! I’d love to hear what he has to say about the name for the baby as well.

    Most of our kids didn’t have a name until the day we left the hospital, so I don’t think I’ll be a big help to you on this one.ReplyCancel

  • Jonathan Roth - Name him Joe, or Jo for short. Then you can say “these are my sons, jo ‘n nathan; or jo-nathan for short.”

    And it would totally make sense because as awesome as I am, it would take at least two people, if not more, to even approach my sweetness.ReplyCancel

  • Angie Arthur - How many brain cells did you waste coming up with that idea for names Jon?

    I’m off to puke up my oreos from the “awesomeness” of reading about how awesomely sweet you are…ReplyCancel

  • sweatie pie - How about Sweatie pie? i get called that all the time and it is appropriate.ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - My vote is for GRANT! Mark doesn’t sign the birth certificate anyway :)


  • Jonathan Roth - A lot of these names are Irish in origin:

    Quentin or Quinn

  • Danielle - Grant Riley rocks!ReplyCancel

  • sweatie pie - Sweatie Pie Says: From 0-2.5years old- Poopy pants. From 2.5-5.0years Pee-Pee pants. 5.0 on up- Jackie.ReplyCancel

  • Angie Arthur - Bill……OOPS!…..I mean “sweatie pie” is so freaking funny with all of his comments lately.

    I went to a baby names site and found some I like:
    1) Aiden
    2) Hayden
    3) Colin
    4) Brayden
    5) Keegan

    Notice that they all rhyme with “Nathan!” Instead of having children will all “N” names, you can have children whose names all end in the sound “-an”! :)ReplyCancel

  • Grandma Karen - Hey Mark- If you like Earl and want two syllables…how about Earlene? we had a girl named that back in Lee Center. Ha Ha Ha Ha I think Jon had a good one with Donovan..I like Grant also. Could call him Marcus Dale after Grandfather and father. Howard and Norman after his greatgrandfathers..Ha. Grandma KarenReplyCancel

Bill buying a new car in the ***surprise*** color maroon made me think…does our color choice have anything to do with our personalities? I know it doesn’t for me since I get whatever car Mark decides is a good deal. (no choice in color, here!)

I found this article on the web. Unfortunately, maroon’s not on the list.

Car Color Tells Driver’s Personality

(London) According to a survey of 130,000 insurance claims performed by the Churchill Co., the color of the car a person owns is an indication of the personality of the driver.”We think about color all the time, from what we wear to how we feel. This emotional influence transfers to how we drive,” psychologist Donna Dawson told Britain’s Sun [newspaper].Ranked by most likely to crash, the analysis of the relationship of car color to driver personality resulted in the following:

Rank – Car Color/Personality

1) BLACK – rebels
2) SILVER – cool and aloof
3) GREEN – prone to hysterics
4) YELLOW – idealistic lovers of novelty
5) BLUE – introspective and cautious
6) GRAY – calm, sober and dedicated with tendencies to slip out of personality
7) RED – energetic and quick-thinking
8) PINK – gentle and loving
9) WHITE – status-seeking extroverts
10) CREAM – self-contained and in control

I also found another site that gives personality for different colors. Here’s what it says about maroon:

Maroon: Harsh experience has probably matured the Maroon person into someone likeable and generous. It is often a favorite color of someone who has been battered by life but has come through. It indicates a well-disciplined Red personality–one who has had difficult experiences and has not come through unmarked but who has grown and matured in the process.

So, is this Bill?

  • sweatie pie - I wonder what color describes frugal?ReplyCancel

  • sweatie pie - I would agree this describes Bill. His hard lifes lessons come from the battle axe he lives with. Poor guy.ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Bill’s not frugal-he is simply a TIGHTASS!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - I enjoy your family and their blogs, but the anger and vulgarity is really too much.ReplyCancel

  • Angie Arthur - Sweatie Pie said: “I would agree this describes Bill. His hard lifes lessons come from the battle axe he lives with. Poor guy.”

    Maybe you aren’t a member of the family. If you were you would never describe someone as completely wonderful as Bill’s wife as a “battle axe.”ReplyCancel

  • Grandma Karen - Poor Bill or better known as Sweet William by his mother-in-law has had such a harsh life until he married his sweet wife, Angie, who has helped him mature into such a wonderful person now.I know it’s hard Angie but hang in there. Life is “too harsh” for him otherwise.ReplyCancel