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Baby #1

Baby #2

So, I’ll let you vote. Which one is Nathan, and which one is baby yet-to-be-named?

  • Angie Arthur - I always flunk these kinds of test. But, I’ll be brave and go first…

    I’ll vote that Baby #1 is the yet-to-be-named Baby Boy. (Note to everyone else: since I always guess wrong, you’ll probably want to guess Baby #2 for your answer!)

    Alright all you chickens — start making your guesses!!ReplyCancel

  • Angie Arthur - I’d like to leave another vote for Andrea and Mark to name this baby already!! We want a name to be calling him instead of “yet-to-be-named Baby Boy Riley.”ReplyCancel

  • Jonathan Roth - I’m with angie and voting that Baby #2 is nathan, and baby #1 is jo.ReplyCancel

  • Grandma Karen - Andrea told me today that the new baby has a turned up nose which is a Riley trait so I can see Baby #2 is the new one.ReplyCancel

Sorry Angie….bad play on words off your website. The little slice I’m talking about is IEP’s. I’M NEVER GOING TO FINISH THEM!!!! My back hurts, I’m bored to tears, I’m not even near done and I get to work on them again ALL DAY tomorrow. Enough complaining….

Here’s an interesting tid-bit of information. Terri Cotman subbed for me today. She has become a regular fixture at CMS and has applied for a math job at the high school. I think she is more than qualified.

After getting up at 5:30 and having to drink 32 oz. of water, I had my ultrasound at 7:30 this morning. It took over an hour! I found myself napping for half the ultrasound! I never got this kind of attention when I was pregnant with Nathan. Hopefully they’re not neglecting to tell me something that they’re seeing. We know baby boy #2 may have something wrong with his bladder, but they said the worst we would deal with is possible bladder infections when he is born. Dunlop Hospital gave me a picture of his profile. He has a cute little turned-up nose just like Nathan. It’s hard to picture what he might look like.

Mark took Nathan to mi-ma & pi-pa’s house tonight so that I could work. I barely got to see my boy today. Sounds like even if I were home with him, I wouldn’t have seen much of him anyway. He slept at Janine’s until 10:30 and then went back down at 1:30. He didn’t wake up until 4! This time-change must have really gotten Nathan out of whack.

Mark had to fix a section of our garage roof today. A huge metal sheet had totally come loose on one side and was flappin’ in the wind. It looked like it was going to take off at any minute. I was very worried a passing car or person was going to be hit. Glad that’s fixed!

I have to get up early tomorrow so I better close up. I’ll include a picture Angie took of Nathan at the birthday party yesterday.

  • Jonathan Roth - I was thinking about naming my blog ‘a little slice of NJ.’ I wasn’t sure it was too subtle of a joke.ReplyCancel

  • sweatie pie - No matter how small the slice, won’t it still smell?ReplyCancel

It’s been a busy day!

Wyatt and Weston’s birthday party was at Burger King. It ended up being really nice. Very few “outsiders” actually came into the play area, so the kids had the play equipment mostly to themselves. Angie somehow managed to combine two themes: dinosaurs for Wyatt and trains for Weston. Yep! Weston has caught Nathan’s train bug. Little did Angie know that it was contagious. She might have thought twice about having us watch Weston for two weekends!

Tomorrow I have my ultrasound at 7:30 in the morning. This means that I’m supposed to get up at 5:30 and starting drinking water until I burst. They expect me to drink 32 oz. and not pee! Guess I’ll see how that goes!

Then my life ends for 2 days of IEP writing. Somehow I’m supposed to get 16 IEP’s done tomorrow, and the same done on Wednesday. Oh, joy!

Real quick…

low points – getting 2 negative e-mails from parents…it’s just that time of the year; Watching the piles of work that I need to get done keep getting bigger…there are not enough hours in a day. Other than that, I had a pretty uneventful day.

highlights – Nathan having a fun time at Grandma Shari’s house…he “helped” her all day. Grandma did say that she managed to get stuff done. I might have to find out how she managed to do that…I never get anyting done; Nathan thoroughly enjoyed Angie’s gift bag on the way home. He’s had his share of candy for the night. It made him one happy boy; Watching Mark play with Nathan at Burger King and then him changing a poopy diaper when we got home. Definitely earned him bonus points! 😉

  • Angie Arthur - You did have a couple of majorly crummy days in a row (ie. IEP’s, uncomfortable ultrasound, etc.) — I hope that your IEP’s are over with and that life can go back to normal a little bit for you.

    Are you looking forward to maternity leave yet?!?!?ReplyCancel

Here I am going on about how Nathan is such a good sleeper. For some reason tonight, he’s being a booger. At close to midnight, Mark finally said, “He’s going to sleep with us!” Don’t know what’s up with our little guy. I’m just hoping he will finally be asleep by the time I get up there.

Nathan is with Grandma Riley tomorrow. Kent isn’t feeling well, so Mark wants to keep Nathan away. I think it is called “avoiding the inevitable.” They pass those germs around like crazy. By the time you know to prevent, it’s usually too late. Oh well, Nathan will enjoy having grandma all to himself tomorrow!

  • Angie Arthur - Believe me — once the new baby comes and Nathan gets a little bit older, you’ll have no problem getting him to sleep through the night. Mainly because you’ll become such a #@!*# that you won’t care if he’s crying and you’ll sleep right through it!!

    Just kidding (kind of) — this soon will pass… I’m sure he’ll be sleeping through the night by the time he gets married.ReplyCancel

Ahh…wouldn’t it be nice if males could experience the joy?:)I woke up at 8:30 this morning (reality…7:30 because of time change) Went downstairs, practiced piano, took a shower, called upstairs to wake up the boys, called up again…walked up to check on them. Mark in his kindness decided he would “stay home with Nathan.” ie. sleep-in!

I get home from church, play with Nathan, talk to Janine on the phone, watch some TV and then put Nathan down for a nap. I look around…where is Mark? Yep, sleeping again! Now, wait a second, which one of us is pregnant? Well, I have to get some grading done that I should have done this afternoon.

I just got called by Kim (a special education teacher) letting me know that one of our teacher just got her appendix out and doesn’t know how she is going to write the IEP’s. Kim is convinced that I’ll have my baby early. I’d consider it if it would get me out of IEP’s!:)

  • Grandma Karen - Kind of wondered…if Mark is this sleepy like a pregnant Mommy ,maybe he’ll have labor pains too? something to look forward too. HaReplyCancel