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It’s time-change Saturday and we lose an hour. I like it so much better when we gain that extra hour of precious sleep in the Fall! Guess it’s appropriate that it is also April Fool’s Day!

We took Nathan to a park in Montrose this evening. Thought I’d share a couple pics:

After the park, we made a stop at Best Buy, ate at On Tap and had the mandatory trip to Wal-Mart. I can’t go out anywhere without stopping at Wal-Mart!

Today is the 8-year anniversary of our engagement. I’m sure Jon remembers it all too well!:)

Tonight ended with Nathan coming over to where I was working on the computer, grabbing my hand and saying, “Night-night!” When he decides it is bed time, it’s bed time. I hope it continues to be this easy to put him to bed! Now as I’m typing, I’m experiencing the steady rhythm of our baby’s hiccups. It is nice to get those reminders that our baby is alive and thriving.

Guess I better head to bed or else I won’t want to get up for church tomorrow! I have this odd little feeling that Mark won’t be waking up with Nathan in the morning.

  • Angie Arthur - The pictures of Nathan are soooo cute! Sounds like you had a fun family day together.ReplyCancel

I saw my first movie in a long time yesterday. The last movie I can remember going to was The Longest Yard with Adam Sandler. Not a great movie, but not horrible. Last night’s movie, Failure to Launch, was so corny that Angie, Janine and I kept looking at each other thinking, “They can’t be serious!” If “Tripp” got bit by one more animal…

Anyway, we got our girl’s night out which included Target, a movie and half-priced appetizers at Applebee’s. A break from the kids? Priceless!:)

Mark arrived home after a week away yesterday and took Nathan to grandma & grandpa’s. They, of course, played with trains! It must have really wore the “poor guy” out as he didn’t wake up until 1 this afternoon. Must be nice to be able to sleep that long and feel absolutely no guilt. Hopefully today will get more exciting! If it does, I’ll be sure to “blog in” again!

  • Angie Arthur - That’s so funny that we both posted about this movie…it must have left quite a non-impression on all of us! Thanks for going that night ~ it was great have that time with you and Janine.ReplyCancel

  • Jonathan Roth - You were surprised it was bad?ReplyCancel

  • lorimscd - UNfortunately I waisted a girls night out on this movie too :-(ReplyCancel

Today felt a lot like yesterday…at least after picking up Nathan. He again jumped on the trampoline and played in the yard with Craig. With such a nice day before us, I couldn’t resist taking Nathan to the park again. He had a great time…even found a friend who he followed around most of the time. It was a little boy, about 4 years old, who seemed to love having Nathan around. It appears our boy likes the company of older kids. Probably because they “mother” him.

Before that, I taught school half a day (getting stressed out by my 4th period class, as usual) and then had my doctor’s appointment…still managing to be “cool as a cucumber.” (My blood pressure was something like 100 over 62.) My 3rd ultrasound is scheduled for next Tuesday. I’ve gotten many more opportunities to see this little guy than I ever had with Nathan!

I conked out early last night, so the housework is still looming over me. Mark’s finally getting home tomorrow. He’s already informed me that he has reports to write so it looks like no break for momma.

Pretty uneventful day…I did figure out what the “ite” is that Nathan yells at me when he is mad. It means bite. I know this because Nathan would yell it to me in the car on our way home and then pretend bite his hand. The roles have reversed, and now Nathan is the biter. This will be a fun one to break!

Today’s highlights: Playing with Nathan at the park; seeing him enjoy his bath…he has green foamy soap that he was having a good old time playing with during his bath; trying to teach Nathan his colors with jelly beans–he wants all of them to be yellow; getting to shop by myself for a little while after my doctor’s appointment; playing playdough with Nathan for the first time and he didn’t even try to eat it

And the not so pretty: Swatting Nathan for trying to bite Craig (again!)–Craig tried to take a ball from Nathan and out came the chompers!; Nathan spilling a half a can of Pringles down the side of the couch; Finding out that Nathan ruined Caryn’s CD player–yesterday he put Kent’s toothbrush in the toilet. He’s definitely not going to be the favorite cousin

  • Angie Arthur - I can’t believe you get to have another ultrasound! I know it’s not fun to go to the doctor’s but it will be really cool to say “hello” to baby again…ReplyCancel

  • Angie Arthur - When I was reading about your day at the park, I kept thinking “Weslea would be so jealous of that little 4-year old boy!” She loves stopping by Janine’s, but she especially loves it when Nathan is there because he lets her be the “mommy” to him!ReplyCancel

My pirate name is:
Black Anne Kidd

Like anyone confronted with the harshness of robbery on the high seas, you can be pessimistic at times. Even though you’re not always the traditional swaggering gallant, your steadiness and planning make you a fine, reliable pirate. Arr!

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OK…after seeing Angie’s pirate name, I had to give it a try. I think I may be a pansy pirate!

  • Angie Arthur - I think my name is much more “piratey” than yours — Bloody Anne Vane…ARRGGH! That’s scare the pants off anyone!ReplyCancel

It’s day 3 of Mark being away. He is at training in Columbus so Nathan and I are on our own until Friday. Yesterday was Nate’s 2nd birthday. Not such a great day for him as he wasn’t feeling very good. We’re delaying having a party anyway, at least until Mark gets back.

Today was much better for him. He jumped on the trampoline at Janine’s then followed Caryn around like a baby duck all over the yard. Later we went to Creston park. The only bad part was tearing Nathan away from play. I must have worn him out, though, since he is already in bed at 9 o’clock. (Unheard of around here…and Nathan asked to go to bed)

Now, I get my favorite job of cleaning, and then I’ll collapse into bed. Oh, the excitement!

Today’s highlights: hearing Nathan say “I lub tu” at bedtime; enjoying a gorgeous day; fixing Nathan supper and him actually eating it! (grilled cheese & oranges); remembering to tune in to “American Idol”; not having to change a single poopy diaper (guess Janine got the pleasure!)

Today’s lowlights: sciatic pain galore; finding out that Nathan bit Craig; being told to watch one of my students because he is suspected of selling his ritalin to another student; hearing Nathan yell “ite!” at me every time he was mad (not sure what “ite” means!)

  • Angie Arthur - I can’t believe you have this much on your blog already! I love the highlights/lowlights of your day — I’ll have to think about doing that too. Your blog is awesome!ReplyCancel