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I am on vacation and had to really search my laptop to find a picture with jumping.  This photo is from several years ago.  My screen hasn’t been calibrated in eons, so I apologize if the editing turned out totally funky.  Be sure to head over to I Heart Faces to check out all the creative submissions.

My sister and I just recently had the opportunity to capture the adoption homecoming of our friend, Jessica, with her daughter, Cleo.  I took video but managed to grab a couple photos.    I just her husband’s expression of love outpouring toward Jessica and his daughter. To find out more about the adoption story and see a video of the session, visit Jessica’s blog.


Adoption Girl China Jessica Paige Homecoming Airport Photography Session


And, to see beautiful photo entries of love, head on over to I Heart Faces!

This year’s Valentine card ideas featuring the “You Rock” Theme:

valentine photo candy cards ideas crafts

My friend Adrienne suggested a theme for this year’s Valentine’s Day cards that piqued my interest.   She was looking around for a card that went along with the “Rockstar” vibe.  Each year, I try to create a photo card for my kids that has matching candy.  I loved the idea of having “You Rock” as the greeting because it doesn’t imply anything lovey-dovey which might make my older son uncomfortable.

My first thought for Jordyn’s card was to pair it with fruit roll ups and have the Rock & “Roll” combo.  I ditched that, though, when I couldn’t figure out how to combine them.

Instead, I came up with this…

Valentine photo candy card ideas "You Rock" Valentines Day photo rock candy classroom card


The font used is Olympique which I got the idea to use from another rock themed card.  I bought some colorful rock candy from Party City which I added to the left of the card.  In the interest of saving money, I sized the card 4×3 so that I could fit two on a 4×6 print.

Candy Valentine Photo Card Ideas - Rock Candy - You Rock - Girl


For Nathan, I used Pop Rocks. We recently bought a drum set, so that was the scene for his rock theme.  Again, I fit two of these on a 4×6.  (This card was inspired by a post from another blog.)

Valentine Photo Candy Card Ideas - Pop Rocks - You Rock

Valentine Photo Candy Card Ideas - Pop Rocks - You Rock

Nathan is my minerals and rocks obsessed kid so the next card was originally intended for him.  (He decided he’d rather have drums, though, so Ben became the subject of this one.)  I found some chocolate rocks on Amazon that I divided into little baggies and then created a card similar to this one.  I printed this at a full 4×6 so that there would be enough room for the baggy.

Valentine Photo Candy Card Bag Ideas - Chocolate Rocks - You Rock

Valentine Photo Candy Card cards idea Bag baggy baggie Ideas - Chocolate Rocks - You Rock

Here are the Valentine cards from last year….

Valentine Photo Candy Card cards Ideas idea - chocolate lips, sucker, suckers

Thank you, Pinterest:)