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This was a tough one.  If I picked one of my kids for best face photo, two would be left out.  So, I went through the sessions I’ve done this year…family shots, beautiful senior girls, babies, toddlers…then I came across this one:

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I love photos that evoke emotion, and this boy’s silly expression just makes me laugh.


Go enter your own photo at I Heart Faces!  I look forward to helping pick the top photos this week!


Almost forgot to enter.  Since the entry system is about ready to close, I didn’t get a chance to go through the tons of photos I have of Copper.  So, you get one of his “puppy” days…which lasted all of about 2 weeks before he turned into the behemoth he is today.  :)

Do you ever go through the pictures on your iPhone and feel like you’re getting sneak peaks into your past? I love iPhone photos. What they lack in quality is made up for in remembering everyday, ordinary events.  Here are some of my recent and not-so-recent photos: