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Trying to find a photo for this theme made it clear that I need to get back to taking pictures.  I think I have been in a sort of drought of picture taking.  Enough of that!  I need to get back to capturing moments like this…


What’s better than a trampoline?  A trampoline battlefield for a silly string war!


  • Life with Kaishon - Seriously. What is the problem? It’s not like you have 3 kids, a full time job AND a million and one things going on with the renovation. I want to see more pictures. That is what is really important : )ReplyCancel

  • Tracy - Love how real this shot is! Great entry!ReplyCancel

I just had a photo session with a beautiful 2 month old girl, and we had lots of pink going on!  :)




This week’s theme on I Heart Faces is “Raise Your Hands”.  The only requirement is a photo with a focus on the hands.  I love this photo because even though the two adults are having a conversation, they have their hands on the baby without even thinking about it.  Precious newborn feet are little magnets, aren’t they?  :)

This photo certainly won’t win an award, but I consider it my “best photo of the summer” mainly because it captured a very real, fun (worth remembering) moment with our family.  Midway through the summer, Mark came across a “new” boat…at least it was new in 1987.  :) Mark wants a much fancier boat, but this one is filling in quite nicely until we have money saved.  What’s even better is that my sister got the same boat, one year newer.  This made for fun excursions where all the cousins could get a chance to go tubing, knee-boarding, and jumping off the side of the boat.  As this picture indicates, my kids can’t get enough of the water.  Nathan (the oldest, most cautious one) really surprised us with how daring and adventurous he became when on the water.


  • Pam D - That is awesome! Great shot, AND great memory. I think that makes it a “best face of the summer” photo, for sure! We love our boat, too, but more for fishing than tubing. We need to find a way to do that; it looks like a lot of fun!ReplyCancel